A look back and a step forward: News about the season

Dear fans and friends of our series,

I can hardly believe it, but I’ve done it! After much hesitation and consideration, I finally decided to revise the first five episodes of our Season 1. These episodes have always bothered me, and I knew I had to improve them, mainly to satisfy myself. I couldn’t bear to see the misery of the early hours anymore.

The second episode has already been remastered and is now available online. Now, the third episode is nearing release and is 95% completed.

In the coming weeks, we will first focus on the next two episodes of Season 1, namely episodes 4 and 5, and also remaster them. It is important to us that each episode of our series reaches the quality and level it deserves. Only after that will we fully concentrate on producing new episodes.

I want to thank all of you for your patience at this point. Stay tuned for further updates and news, and if you like, feel free to leave a guestbook entry. Your feedback is very important to us and helps us continuously improve our series.

Vemara – Christian Uebersohn

Darkbats Christian

Christian Uebersohn is an accomplished artist who has been enriching the world of music with his cinematic compositions since 2016. Simultaneously, he contributes to the electronic music scene and has released some impressive works under the name "Darkbats - Schlammschlacht." As the producer of the "Alenwen" series by Darkbats, he demonstrates his versatile talent.

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