Episode 7 – Bree


In this episode of “Alenwen,” our two main characters, Alenwen and Skaldiv, find themselves in the bustling town of Bree. Alenwen is full of excitement and anticipation as she is eager to buy a new outfit and listen to some of the talented musicians in the town. Meanwhile, Skaldiv is busy selling her delicious honey..

Together, they explore some of the best shops in Bree, and it seems like Alenwen has found a shopping paradise. Her encounter with Nayel, a respected Elf in a local clothing store, results in Alenwen nearly buying out the entire store. Skaldiv can only shake her head and try to keep Alenwen in check.

However, Alenwen still has a few things on her shopping list. She is determined to buy some colors to perfect her style. Skaldiv knows a local color merchant named Olodriel, who has a knack for making deals and trying to profit from everything. After the successful but overpriced purchase of colors, Alenwen feels the urge to change her hairstyle as well.

The two head to a hair salon in the Pony district. However, Alenwen’s decision for a new hairstyle takes longer than expected, and she chats extensively with the hairdresser. During this time, Skaldiv decides to have a beer to pass the time. However, the effects of alcohol and their impatience lead to Skaldiv falling asleep in the meantime.

When Skaldiv finally wakes up through a bizarre dream and realizes that Alenwen still hasn’t decided on a hairstyle, she loses her temper. These tumultuous events in Bree push the two characters to their limits and provide plenty of humorous moments and emotional ups and downs in this episode of “Alenwen.”

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server.

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Christian Uebersohn is an accomplished artist who has been enriching the world of music with his cinematic compositions since 2016. Simultaneously, he contributes to the electronic music scene and has released some impressive works under the name "Darkbats - Schlammschlacht." As the producer of the "Alenwen" series by Darkbats, he demonstrates his versatile talent.

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