The Blueberry Snouts

„Resistance is futile!“

– The Blueberry Snouts, musicians

“We are the Blue Inferno, swooping in like a swarm of locusts to raid buffet tables, but making up for it all with awesome music!”

A Look Behind the Scenes of the Blueberry Snouts


We are the Blueberry Snouts, and we’re here to blow you away! At least that’s what Skaldiv always sings when we’re making music together. Our greatest passion is arranging songs and giving any kind of music that special touch.

As a proper orchestra, we perform on a truly impressive scale, flooding everything with music, humor, and a dash of madness. However, we’re still waiting for the promised decent pay for the work we’ve done so far, well…

Seen in Season 1 – Episode 6 (Off to Bree)
(Season 1 – Episode 7 (Bree) – Season 2 – Episode 1 (Past and Present))

Biography of the The Blueberry Snouts

eA fictional biography of the The Blueberry Snouts

The Blueberry Snouts are a truly wild combo of musicians from all races, flooding Belegaer, Laurelin, and other places with music. For several years, under the leadership of conductor Iiris, the Snouts have been making waves. They don’t seem to mind whether they spontaneously let their well-sorted tones ring out in Bree or perform on the biggest stages. Whether at B:O:A, the Greenfield Festival, or events of all kinds, the Snouts rock out as if there were no tomorrow. And you can count on their performance rarely lasting less than two hours. This is achieved on a truly masterful level, requiring a great deal of preparation and intensive work. Playing or filming with the Snouts is pure pleasure. They are punctual, well-prepared, and efficient, ensuring that every filming day with the professionals leads to a consistently successful outcome.

Mischievous, cheeky, yet with all seriousness when it comes to music, the Blueberry Snouts are a great asset to both the in-game music scene and the Alenwen series. They eagerly participate in every prank, and if Skaldiv (called “Bärt”) wishes for black-dyed snouts, the Blueberry Snouts are promptly transformed into a Black Bear Snout Band, even treating the audience to dwarvish metal music.

The repertoire is as extensive as the fun potential spread by Aymy and her gang. Rumor has it that the Snouts are multiplying and aiming for some kind of “blue world domination through consistent Snoutification.” No one can resist the Snouts, so this absurd goal is sincerely wished upon them.

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