Staffel 2 – Episode 1 – Past and Present


In this exciting episode of “Alenwen,” a sunny day filled with eager anticipation for planned travel shots awaits us. The backdrop couldn’t be more picturesque.

Skaldiv is in high spirits as she enjoys the company of the band “Die Blaubeerschnuten.” Their cheerful melodies fill the room, and Skaldiv rocks and dances as if there’s no tomorrow. The house practically vibrates with enthusiasm, and it seems like they’re having their own little concert.

While Alenwen enjoys the tranquility of her garden, she listens to the gentle sounds of the wildlife. She takes the time to appreciate the company of her animal friends and is enchanted by the idyllic rural surroundings.

The next day, Alenwen decides to visit Skaldiv in her house to discuss the originally planned travel preparations. When she discovers Skaldiv working in the garden, her excited curiosity can hardly be contained, and she starts chattering away happily. But at first, her enthusiasm goes unnoticed as Skaldiv, apparently still suffering from the aftermath of the loud concert, doesn’t notice her.

Eventually, Skaldiv does become aware of Alenwen, and the two engage in a conversation about the originally planned journey. The mood is jovial until an unexpected revelation steers the conversation in an entirely new direction: Skaldiv informs Alenwen that she has been removed from the project. The reason? A change in her appearance over which she has no control. (Irony on:) This shock hits Skaldiv hard and leads her to withdraw from the world of filmmaking. (Irony off) The future of their planned adventures suddenly hangs in the balance.

Upon parting, Skaldiv uses the name “Lenchen,” which surprises and intrigues Alenwen. This name triggers a childhood memory in her, and she begins to wonder if the two have known each other much longer than they thought and if there are shared experiences in their past that they somehow forgot.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server

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