Preface – Season 2 of Darkbats Alenwen

Dear viewers,

We are thrilled to announce the official release of the second season of “Darkbats – Alenwen”! In this new season, our beloved characters, Skaldiv and Alenwen, will once again take center stage. However, there will be some exciting changes that might surprise you.

The second season of “Alenwen” has been available since winter 2023 and will be continuously expanded. In total, you can expect 6-12 captivating episodes. Originally, the plan was to continue the storyline from the end of the first season. However, due to some technical challenges and bugs in the animations of “The Lord of the Rings Online,” we have opted for an alternative story this time. We will be delving into the childhood of our two main characters and presenting heartwarming stories from their younger years.

The release of the entire season will be handled a bit differently this time. Instead of adhering to a rigid schedule, I will work on and release the episodes based on my own motivation and availability. This allows us to work on the series without pressure and ensure that we can provide you with the best possible quality. Our goal is to have the second season fully available by the end of 2024.

In this season, ideas from Kerstin Willemeit will be incorporated, while I work concurrently on a still-secret project. The original trailers, which featured a rogue elf and the possible return of the antagonist Storkoll, are currently on hold. Whether these themes will be revisited in the future remains to be seen.

Over the past year, we have learned a lot and made technical improvements. We have invested in new technologies, including high-quality microphones and AI systems to enhance sound and music. As a result, we can deliver even better quality. The decision to produce another season is driven by our joy in touching you with our stories.

We are aware that the first season had its teething problems. The first five episodes were a kind of curiosity and a steep learning curve for us. But now we believe we have reached a level that can ensure good quality for the new Season 2 of “Darkbats – Alenwen.” Join us on this amusing further journey through Middle-earth and let our stories enchant you.

Thank you for your support and loyalty!

Best regards,