Episode 8 – Dancing Queen


In this episode of “Alenwen,” everything revolves around the “Day of Dance and Song” in the lively town of Bree. The famous traveling musicians known as “The Pullers” are in town, and Alenwen can hardly contain her excitement. Right at the beginning of the episode, Alenwen enthusiastically starts singing, and Skaldiv is reluctantly drawn into this quirky musical performance. The first five minutes almost resemble a musical, full of dance and song.

After this extraordinary performance, Alenwen has only one goal in mind: to get on the stage in front of the “Pony” tavern in Bree. Skaldiv tries to stop her, but Alenwen’s stubbornness prevails, and they make their way to the “Pony.” There, they come across a poster from the “Shire Messenger” spreading the news that Alenwen is soon to be married. Initially, this news leaves Alenwen in disbelief, but ultimately, she is indifferent to the rumors.

However, the musicians are the highlight of the evening for Alenwen, and she enjoys every minute of this event without paying attention to the time. The next day, Skaldiv urges her to leave Bree, but Alenwen is tired and would rather stay. A messenger stops her and hands Skaldiv a letter stating that the Beorning Joseph is in prison and needs help. Skaldiv shows no interest in helping him when she visits, as Joseph has harassed women, and she leaves the prison.

Alenwen, on the other hand, feels compassion and tries to talk to Skaldiv about why she doesn’t want to help. Skaldiv, however, remains firm and believes that Joseph deserves his punishment. On their way to the city gate, an incident occurs where Alenwen accidentally bumps into a Beorning named Storkoll. Storkoll is furious and reprimands Alenwen in an unpleasant manner. She is so intimidated that she can’t utter a word. Eventually, Skaldiv intervenes and drives off Stokroll, making it clear that he should leave promptly.

This encounter upsets Alenwen, and she is finally ready to leave the city quickly. However, she wants to write a letter first, and Skaldiv grants her this under the condition that she does it quickly. As they finally leave Bree, an eerie encounter awaits them, of which they are unaware. This episode of “Alenwen” is characterized by musical joy, unexpected twists, and emotional ups and downs.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server.

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