“This role has been and continues
to be an incredibly intense challenge.”

– Storkoll, actor and villain

“Who can truly tell what goes on in a demon’s mind? I’ve at least tried!”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Storkoll

“Hello everyone,

In this series, I play a mysterious villain. I pop up from time to time, causing trouble or pursuing the main character, Alenwen. Initially, nobody knows why, and that’s what adds to the suspense.

A collision with Alenwen and Skaldiv puts me squarely in the spotlight for the first time in one of the episodes, and it becomes clear that I am only partially kept in check by the menacing Skaldiv. But my anger is further fueled by this, and I become determined to pursue the white elf even more relentlessly. Well… I hope I’m not really mistaken for a sinister villain, even though I seem to have played my role very well. Actually, I’m a pretty decent guy!”

Biography Storkoll

A fictional biography of the character Storkoll

So begins one of the episodes where Storkoll really shines. Initially portrayed as a shadowy villain with obviously nefarious intentions, the narration of his past life reveals the source of his hatred and malevolence.

Storkoll portrays a loving and caring man who adores his beloved “Sweti” and whose entire existence is defined by her love. As this love slowly fades and Sweti turns to other men – the reason for which remains unknown – Storkoll’s former personality shatters into a thousand pieces, and he transforms into a monster. It is not for us to judge who caused the tragedies that follow or who bears responsibility for them. Nothing excuses or explains his behavior, yet the pull of his deep, perverse malevolence is at least partially depicted.

How far his destructive fury reaches will surely be evident to the discerning viewer…

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