Episode 11 – Storkoll


In this thrilling episode of “Alenwen,” the Beorning Storkoll takes center stage, and his story is presented in an impressive cinematic way:

Storkoll is a mysterious and dark character who harbors a deep-seated hatred for women. This hatred stems from a traumatic past where his former wife mistreated and betrayed him. Over the years, his demeanor has drastically changed due to these experiences. He has committed dark deeds, including murders of women, and suffered from psychotic delusions. He deeply despises cheerful encounters with women and follows a dark path of hatred.

After Alenwen, with the help of Frecha, has found Skaldiv, she must recover from the excesses of the previous evening. Skaldiv had made her eat a lot and even drink some schnapps against her will. Frecha bids them a warm farewell and wishes them luck on their further journey.

Alenwen and Skaldiv head to the Elven area of Falathlorn to sell Skaldiv’s honey. There, they unexpectedly encounter Farondis, Alenwen’s mother. Skaldiv is surprised by this connection since she knows Farondis from her honey sales. Skaldiv talks to Farondis about Alenwen’s behavior and how it came to be.

Farondis asks Skaldiv to take care of her daughter, and although she initially resists, she eventually agrees to a deal. Farondis and Skaldiv are long-time friends and agree to watch over Alenwen together.

After this heartfelt farewell, Alenwen and Skaldiv head to the market stall to sell the remaining honey products. Skaldiv is amazed at how well Alenwen does in sales. She attracts numerous customers and impresses with her demeanor. However, unbeknownst to her, Storkoll has been watching her since Bree.

The episode ends with a glimpse of the Shire, where something terrible has happened. Alenwen’s housekeeper, Hasselina, has made a gruesome discovery, and suddenly, Alenwen’s sister appears, making the situation even more mysterious and raising many questions.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server.

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