The Ziehenden Musikanten

„Stage? Audience? Acting? WE can do that!“

– The Ziehenden Musikanten , Musicians

“Dance, music, singing, stage… anyone who wants to be reliably entertained in a fabulous way is always in the right place with the Ziehmus!” (Voice from the audience)

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the “Ziehmus”

Hello esteemed audience,

Our appearance in the series was, quite literally, child’s play for us. After all, we perform with great spectacle and good cheer every Friday outside the “Prancing Pony” in Bree (Server Belegaer) and entertain the audience with top-notch quality.

So, the filming was just another ordinary gig for us, and there weren’t really any directorial instructions. We performed as usual and amusedly watched as Blütenzauber, Skaldiv, and some amateur actors enjoyed the evening. While we were aware of the filming, we didn’t have to change our program at all, as we reliably captivate with our music and know how to delight with singing or by involving the audience.

Seen in Season 1 – Episode 8 (Dancing Queen)

Biography of the “Ziehmus”

a fictional biography of the music group The Wandering Musicians based on information from Miss Pandorradis

The Ziehenden Musikanten, as the name suggests, have been making music in the game for about 14 years. Brigga and Pandorradis are the ones who have written almost all the music pieces, along with their friend Wigard, who has not been in Middle-earth for quite some time.

There are no leaders in the group; the members make all decisions together. Currently, the troupe has about 26 theater plays to their credit, but the actual number might be higher. The Hobbit kinship “Naschguls” and the charming dwarf ladies of the “Bärtigen Musen” also originated from these creative minds, with theater plays written solely by Frollein Pandorradis.

Between 4000 and 5000 ABCs (note sheets) are available for playing almost all music genres. Every Friday from 8 PM, the band performs for three hours at the Stone by the Pony, delivering top-notch shows to loyal fans and passersby alike. They traditionally provide the musical opening for the great “Auenländer Pferderennen” (Shire Horse Races).

The current members of the group include: Kirgon, Brigga, Rusteline, Ronjo, Adalweis, and Adalbine along with various siblings, Caranel (Pandorradis), and occasionally one of the Naschguls. Occasionally, a Bärtige Muse drops by and sings and plays along.

Pandorradis says: “We somehow inherited the great aunt ‘Fürstin’ Stepfusija (whoever knows her will love or fear her, as Skaldiv notes). At least she thinks so…” Both the wardrobe of Fürstin and her fascinating charisma, along with her excellent pan-fighting skills, are widely known.

Sometimes, the talented bards and actors also perform theater plays on other servers in English, but this is rather rare. They always open the famous and widely known “großen Keilermarkt zu Bree” (Great Boar Fair in Bree) at 7 PM with a mostly new play. Thus, the Ziehmus are well acquainted with stages and large audiences as actors and actresses.

Pandorradis adds: “Four times a year, we always play an older piece. There is also theater annually at the Wintermonds Christmas celebration.”

Every performance, regardless of the occasion, is more than well attended, and rightfully so. Wherever the Ziehenden Musikanten perform, the audience can expect quality and professionalism. The filming with this consistently outstanding band was uncomplicated and enriching! A big thank you for participating and for the many years of continuous entertainment for a wide audience is expressed here on behalf of all fans!

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