Beuno Willowtree

To be seen in Season 1 – Episode 9 (Frecha)

„A single typo can ruin the whole sentence!“
– Beuno

Anyone who doesn’t know this young gentleman from the Eastfarthing is really missing out! Beuno Willowtree, the highly talented joke illustrator, hat-wearing gnome, and a much-loved guest everywhere, is a nationally renowned artist. His illustrated jokes, which he has been publishing with consistent reliability for years in the Shire Messenger, have surely been seen and chuckled at by everyone. Before dedicating himself primarily to illustration, Beuno also made a name for himself as an editor for the “Shire Weekly” and the Shire Messenger, enriching the role-playing scene with his always humorous and cheerful reports. For several years now, Beuno has even been releasing his illustrated jokes as collected volumes, delighting fans with his comedy and creativity.

Beuno is an original. Sometimes a simpleton, sometimes a master of ceremonies on the big stage at important events or concerts, sometimes just a “mere guest” wherever there’s food to be had… Then again, swinging his legs to the beat at musical performances and guaranteed never at a loss for a joke or antics. If there’s a table firework smoking somewhere or nougat pancakes are being served: Beuno is definitely involved. As the “brains” behind the Shire bakery “Smialtörtchen,” he serves up fine pastries and hearty meals, makes no secret of his cheese allergy, and is loved by everyone who knows him.

All the more joy was Beuno’s commitment to make a brief guest appearance in the series! Mr. Willowtree’s tight schedule allowed for at least a quick dash and a wave to the camera, as he was on his way to the so-called Bockland “Braunflutfest”…the detailed description of which is deliberately avoided here. Beuno’s appearance was short, sharp, competent, and made the fans’ hearts beat faster. Many thanks for your participation, dear Beuno, and you will certainly be persuaded again, catching you off guard with your modesty!

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