Episode 10.5 – Yule festival


In this festive episode of “Alenwen,” we celebrate the Yule festival, and Alenwen has a very special surprise planned for Skaldiv:

Alenwen wants to tell Skaldiv an epic story and decides to do it in the most realistic way – through dressing up. Both of them take on the roles of a sheep and a donkey to bring the story to life.

Skaldiv is initially confused and thinks it might be some kind of fetish or strange role-playing, but quickly realizes it’s an innocent performance. Nevertheless, she reluctantly joins in and plays along with the story.

The Yule festival, a special and joyful occasion, holds a special place in Alenwen’s heart, but Skaldiv doesn’t have much enthusiasm for it and tries to make it as uneventful as possible.

Her indifference towards the festive traditions, however, annoys Alenwen, who wholeheartedly loves the festival. In a moment of frustration, she playfully throws a snowball in Skaldiv’s face as a minor punishment for her lack of enthusiasm.

This episode humorously illustrates how differently people (or Elves and Beornings) can react to celebrations and how friends, despite their differences, can create memories together.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server.

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