„Weapons stay outside, and no foolishness, understood?!”

– Tulpeline , Border guard

“In the guardhouse of Dachsbauten, you get water and bread if you’re lucky and know how to behave!”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Tulpeline

Hello everyone,

I’m Ranger Tulpeline Schweinepfote, and as a member of the Greenfield Company, I’m usually quite busy. Being coerced into participating in the filming didn’t fit into my schedule at all initially.

However, since I found the role description quite interesting and appropriate, and Skaldiv is also my friend, I was persuaded to go along with it and played myself. My daily work was shown quite well, and I didn’t have to pretend much. Of course, some scenes were repeated over and over again, but that wasn’t because of me; it was more due to the whims of the white elf, who wasn’t quite satisfied with her hairstyle or dress and had to go back to the makeup room. Well, in hindsight, I actually ended up enjoying it. I usually keep my excitement to myself.

Seen in Season 1 – Episode 9 (Frecha)

Biography Tulpeline

A fictional biography of the character Tulpeline

Tulpeline Schweinepfote, a widely respected and esteemed border guard, calls half of the Shire her place of duty. If you don’t find her in the guardhouse at Dachsbauten, she’s on patrol at precisely designated times along the borders of the Shire. Mainly in the region around the Greenfields, up to the Scary Stone Quarry and the wall border at Haycroft. Always correct and accompanied by her service dog “Carli,” Tulpeline likes to unexpectedly appear here and there to check on things. With expertise and robust marching ability, “Tulpi,” as her friends call her, faces storms, sun, and long night shifts.

In her spare time, Tulpeline serves as the chairwoman of the “Association for Hobbit Tradition,” honoring every second Sunday with sociable or informative events. Equally reliably, she stands ready every Thursday at the “Ivy Meet” at the inn “The Ivy Bush” in Hobbiton as a barmaid, serving guests with her team.

In her modestly furnished hobbit hole in Lindholz, you’ll find Tulpi relaxing or tending to her garden when she has some free time or for a chat over the garden fence with her neighbors. That she found the time to participate in the filming is a great asset. Because it made the audience keenly aware of the turmoil that can occur in the rather peaceful Shire. And also of Tulpeline’s consistent enforcement of the rules and laws in the Shire. Those who mess around don’t have much to laugh about. It’s as simple as that. A personality with stature, reliable, resolute, warm, and humorous.

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