„I’m best at snacking. Throw a sausage, and I’ll catch it. Always!“

– Erwin , dog

“Oat sausage is something you can eat, but you can also leave it. That’s up to each person to decide for themselves!”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Erwin

I’m Erwin.

As you can easily see, I’m a dog and I don’t speak much in the movies. That’s just my job. Barking, whining, and acting professionally are my main tasks, and I get plenty of treats for it every time. My boss Skaldiv is always very good to me, so I’m happy to go along with the whole circus. I usually don’t care much about what’s going on, I just follow her around and occasionally have to contribute some targeted barking. I embody my boss’s most loyal friend, so I don’t have to bend over backwards. The many extra treats during filming give me the thrill to act on point. That’s all I have to say about that.

Biography Erwin

A fictional biography of the character Erwin

Erwin is probably a type of “Cane Corso” with a bit more fur. As a fierce “guard dog,” Erwin was supposed to protect pirate camps and stolen goods, and as a puppy, he was already docked due to his aggressive appearance. Ears off, tail off. This traumatic experience left him a wreck, and he was discovered as a whimpering bundle by a rogue sneaking through the pirate camps. Unable to leave the whimpering bundle of a dog behind, the rogue took him along.

Knowing that his friend Skaldiv was knowledgeable about animals and their healing through honey preparations, the rogue brought Erwin to his new mistress. Erwin was lovingly nursed back to health, pampered, and trained with lots of patience and love by Skaldiv. Since Erwin doesn’t speak, he became the ideal best friend of the silence-loving Beorning. The two are “two peas in a pod,” as Skaldiv likes to say, and inseparable companions. Whenever the two show up somewhere, Erwin is now greeted first and spoiled with sausages from all sides.

Erwin is a rabbit in the body of a “guard dog,” always friendly, cuddly, and far from any aggression. He is particularly afraid of wild boars, birds suddenly flying up, dragonflies, strange noises, an empty food bowl, bad moods, shrews, cats, …and so on and so forth.

However, by his mistress’s side, Erwin endures everything because he feels well protected and knows he is in the best hands. He is very much in love with Tulpeline’s Borderhound “Carli,” who, however, consistently gives him the cold shoulder and only engages in a short game of catch with him at best. For Carli, Erwin is probably a fool.

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