Lady Nayel

„This customer was truly a challenge. Just the right thing for me!“

– Lady Nayel, fashion expert

“Your measurements are quite charming; I’m sure I have something that will fit you perfectly!

A Look Behind the Scenes of Lady Nayel

Mae govannen,

My name is Nayel, and I might be familiar to some readers or viewers. For many years, I’ve maintained good relationships with customers of my tailoring craft, such as at the Keilermarkt or with acquaintances and friends of all races.

Being able to portray a saleswoman and style advisor in “Lalyas Markt” for this series in one episode was both a pleasure and a challenge. The trade – fashion – is one of my passions. Presenting myself in the spotlight, however, is not. Nevertheless, those were enjoyable hours, and the stage fright was bearable.

Seen in Season 1 – Episode 7 (Bree)

Biography of Lady Nayel

A fictional biography of the character Nayel

This brief introduction of Nayel is intended to reflect from Skaldiv’s perspective what a wonderful person this elf is…

Lady Nayel – or simply Nayel – is not without reason a friend of Skaldiv’s, with her calm, friendly, and modest demeanor. In times that weren’t too rosy for the bear, one of Nayel’s wonderful houses became a refuge for the Beorning. Stranded in the flower-rich Falathlorn without a fixed residence or income, Skaldiv was warmly welcomed and provided for by Nayel during her regular inn evenings. The table was always abundantly laid, and in the midst of conversations and a friendly atmosphere, the reserved young Brummbärin quickly trusted the charming and unobtrusive Nayel.

Empathetically recognizing the “plight” without explicitly stating it, Nayel handed over the key to her guesthouse to the strivingly independent Skaldiv. This lifeline, simply handed over without fuss, along with the respectful discretion and the many warm meals, were such helpful gestures that Skaldiv would never forget the elf for them.

Nayel’s knack for elegant appearance, sewing the finest clothes, and her boundless creativity – both in style advice and in the design of incredibly beautiful houses – are just some of the qualities that make the elf so special in all her modesty. Her courageous commitment to participate in the filming and even to lend her voice is commendable and led to an incredibly great guest appearance that brings absolute brilliance to this episode! Nayel played the role of the more than patient advisor during the completely escalating flower magic with precision and professionalism, making every minute in Lalya’s market something special. The audience was accordingly thrilled and celebrated Nayel’s performance with due respect. Thank you very much for this enriching contribution, Lady Nayel!

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