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In a world where light and shadow merge in an eternal dance and destiny weaves mysterious plans, an extraordinary story begins. This is the world of “Alenwen,” a humorous series by Darkbats.

The protagonist of our story is Alenwen, a young elf who grew up in Felegoth. But she is far more than just an ordinary member of her people. At a proud 236 years old, she is considered youthful and full of joy in the eyes of the elves. Her passion is singing, and she dreams of conquering the stages of Middle-earth.
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Alenwen is a character who has captured the hearts of the audience. Her lovable, sometimes naive character enchants people and makes them identify with her. But behind her lovable facade hides a strong will and a stubborn streak that accompanies her on her journey.
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During her adventures, Alenwen encounters fascinating characters like Skaldiv, a proud Beorning woman who is dedicated to the protection of nature and her beloved honeybees. Skaldiv embodies bravery, down-to-earthiness, and alcohol. But also Frecha, an adorable Hobbit from the peaceful Shire, crosses Alenwen’s path. Frecha is a life enthusiast and a true friend who stands by Alenwen in the craziest situations..
The series “Alenwen” takes you on a journey through Middle-earth, where you experience adventures, uncover secrets, and form friendships alongside the protagonist. But beware, for in this world, not only friends await, but also dangers.
In a lovingly crafted world, populated by beautiful landscapes and magical creatures, unfolds the story of Alenwen. With her clear, melodic (cough) voice and her heart overflowing with love for animals and flowers, she touches and annoys the souls of the viewers, transporting you into a world full of funny adventures.

Alenwen is a character from
the popular online game
“The Lord of the Rings Online.”