Preface – Season 1 of Darkbats Alenwen


Dear friends and subscribers,

My stories are deep and span over multiple episodes. That’s why I want to encourage you to stay engaged and give the series a chance. Perhaps you’ll enjoy one episode, or even two, or maybe you just appreciate the music. If I can ignite your enthusiasm for my work, I’ve already achieved my goal. I closely collaborate with the ‘Lord of the Rings Online’ universe and create most of the music myself. The videos require a lot of effort, which I invest passionately and without financial compensation. Both playing the game and creating the videos bring me great joy.

We’re aware that the first season, especially the initial episodes, were a sort of self-discovery and experimentation. During this phase, I learned a lot, from camera setups to editing techniques, and even musical composition. Up until the sixth episode, not all aspects were optimal, and they might have left an amateurish impression. I’ve even contemplated re-recording the entire season, and maybe I will someday.

I see it this way: You can witness how the episodes steadily improve, and the experience becomes more and more fascinating. It’s like following a real TV series. Take Star Trek, for example: The early episodes can be awkward, stiff, and dull. But over time, they get better. It’s a similar situation here. You can experience this development process if you give the series a chance. I promise you, it will get better and better. And in the end, you’ll say, “Yes, I really liked that.”

We’ve all invested a lot of time and passion into this series, and many of you have supported us. We want to sincerely thank you for that. And who knows, maybe one day I’ll rebuild everything and revise the early episodes. But for now, I would like to focus on Season 2, where we will incorporate all our experience and what we’ve learned to provide you with the best experience.

We wish you a lot of fun with the first season of Darkbats Alenwen and sincerely thank you for giving the series a chance.

With heartfelt thanks and best wishes,

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