Season 2 – Episode 3 – Respect


Welcome to today’s exciting episode of our series! In this episode, we dive into a world full of knowledge and discoveries as our lovable characters embark on new adventures.

Thador, a wise and caring father, accompanies his daughter Lenchen on an educational trip through the forest. Together, they explore the hidden secrets of nature and delve into the world of plants and herbs.

Thador shares his comprehensive knowledge of the healing properties of various herbs and plants with Lenchen as they wander through the forest. In doing so, they not only discover the diversity of the flora but also the significance of the ecosystem and the interactions between the forest’s inhabitants.

Meanwhile, Skadliv experiences a fascinating journey into the world of bees alongside her mother Vemara. Vemara, an experienced beekeeper, introduces Skadliv to the art of beekeeping and explains to her the importance of bees for nature.

Together, they explore the beehives and learn about the various tasks of a bee colony. During this time, Skadliv not only learns about honey production but also about the role of bees in pollinating plants and the importance of their habitat.

During their adventures, the two families meet and experience an inspiring encounter full of curiosity, respect, and humorous moments.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the server: Belegaer Rp German

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