Episode 9 – Frecha


In this episode of “Alenwen,” the two set out on their way to the Shire and take a rest near the Old Forest. Alenwen is less than thrilled about the idea of sleeping outdoors and would prefer to find accommodation. Skaldiv suggests crossing the spooky Old Forest, but Alenwen timidly declines.

The mood changes when they finally reach the Shire. Skaldiv is delighted by the lush vegetation and raves to Alenwen about it, but her thoughts are only on flowers and other trivial matters. Skaldiv enjoys the idyllic life of the Hobbits, but Alenwen seems to have little interest in it.

On their way to the marketplace, they encounter a lively Hobbit lady named Frecha, who proves to be very talkative and a bit intrusive. While Skaldiv is annoyed by her demeanor, Alenwen finds Frecha extremely amusing and is fascinated by her lively personality.

As they finally arrive at the marketplace, Skaldiv admonishes Alenwen to behave decently and not do anything foolish. However, Alenwen can’t resist the temptation and plucks a little flower, which is observed by an attentive Hobbit resident. The resident follows Alenwen with a pan in hand, and Alenwen runs away screaming.

Meanwhile, Frecha also causes a commotion by stealing cakes from the nearby village of Hobbiton. She, too, flees the consequences. Skaldiv observes the entire chaos and eventually loses her patience. However, in the end, Alenwen is apprehended and thrown into prison, while Frecha manages to escape successfully.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server.

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