„My Joseph would never do something like that!“

– Zenzi, actress

Now come home, you foolish beer drinker.

A Look Behind the Scenes of Zenzi


I’m Zenzi, and I’m Joseph’s wife. People can say a lot about me, and all of it is true. I play the role of being resolute, loud, bossy, argumentative, and fundamentally ill-tempered. As the first treasurer of the Country Women’s Association, I run things with as tight a ship as I do in my own four walls. Despite my dominant nature, my Joseph does as he pleases, and this fact certainly contributes to my uncontrollably aggressive disposition.

Those who want to prejudge Zenzi as a quarrelsome witch are certainly right, but still consider her not-so-happy status as Joseph’s long-standing spouse!

Biography of Zenzi

A fictional biography of the character Zenzi

Married at a very young age, the uneducated Zenzi believed she was in good hands with her Joseph. After all, the young man came across as neat, strong, and capable, promising her the world.

Over the years, Zenzi increasingly realized that this charming appearance would turn out to be a very lazy dog.

Nevertheless, Joseph always somehow managed to bring money into the household, by whatever means, and Zenzi was content with this as the basis of their shared life. Her desire to own a house with a garden was thus fulfilled, and Zenzi needs little more to be… well… happy.

Regardless, the house is always meticulously clean, lunch is served daily at two, and her involvement in the choir, with the rural women’s association, and as a cook in the fishing club give her a sense of importance in life.

Whatever Joseph is up to—be it dubious dealings or more than embarrassingly awkward attempts at wooing women—Zenzi stands firmly behind him like a sergeant major. She always carries her infamous rolling pin, whose impressive appearance rarely fails to have its effect on Joseph, regularly prompting him to offer pacifying and not to be taken seriously declarations of love.

In this forced cohabitation, someone has to take charge, and that’s the shrill and dominant Zenzi. Who knows what Joseph would get up to otherwise?

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