„You should try to do something meaningful and not annoy people!“

– Farondis, actress

“She has always been our sunshine.”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Farondis

Mae govannen,

Farondis, mother of Alenwen and a calm anchor in many tumultuous stories. Warm-hearted, humorous, and deeply relaxed, Farondis observes the life path of her “little one” and yet is sometimes quite concerned about her way of life. As a role model for a solid education, diligence, and humility, Farondis could have been an ideal… but the apple fell a bit further from the tree than expected.

Biography of Farondis – Alenwen’s Mom

A fictional biography of the character Farondis

Farondis has made a name for herself in the Shire over many years. As a swimming instructor, etiquette trainer at the table, and last but not least, as a diligent apprentice in the fields of Michel Delving and Hobbiton. Her pipeweed cultivation was once famous, after years of learning everything about farming from the skilled hobbits.

With down-to-earth modesty and admirable composure, she made many friends among the hobbits, immersed herself in their culture, participated in cooking competitions, or attended the usual numerous festivities and social evenings. Farondis was always trusted, not least because of her deep friendship with Tulpeline, the ranger whose excellent reputation also rubbed off a bit on the elf. Anyone who is friends with Tulpeline cannot be a bad character, was the unanimous opinion.

As the chairwoman of the hiking club “Good on Foot,” Farondis led adventurous hikers through the area for several years (always well-equipped with provisions) and enjoyed the uneventful apprentice years in the Shire very much. When the time came to bring her knowledge of farming and hobbit culture back to her homeland, she handed over the chairmanship of the hiking club and returned to Felegoth.

Her marriage and further life were then hidden from her old friends in the Shire, and to this day, not everyone is clear that Alenwen, this complete opposite of the quiet Farondis, is her offspring. Although she loves her daughter more than anything, apparently she doesn’t like to flaunt this fact. Alenwen is supposed to go her own way without carrying the “good name” of her mother, which is probably the reason. In Skaldiv, who has now taken over the chairmanship of “Good on Foot,” Farondis sees an important and above all resolute companion and – one might almost say – “watcher” for her daughter, who does not yet seem quite as mature…

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