Episode 4-5 (Director´s Cut) EN


Skaldiv invites Alenwen to dinner after she can’t stop crying and doesn’t know where to go. Together, they make their way to Skaldiv’s house. However, during their conversation, Skaldiv realizes that she actually doesn’t feel like having company and would prefer to be alone.

Nevertheless, Alenwen asks Skaldiv if she can stay for one night, as she is clearly in a difficult situation and doesn’t know where else to go. Skaldiv reluctantly agrees and allows Alenwen to sleep in the stable. She secretly hopes that Alenwen will disappear the next morning, and she can have her peace back.

The next morning, Alenwen decides to pick some flowers and get something to eat. Skaldiv has already left the property overnight. Cheerfully singing, Alenwen heads to the center of the settlement, where she discovers a sign indicating dancing and singing at Erebor. Naturally, she decides to go there and join in the cheerful festivities.

However, before she continues on her way, Alenwen notices a sign on the hill that reads ‘House for Sale.’ Her curiosity is piqued, and she decides to follow the sign and take a look at the house. Upon arrival, she meets the merchant Joseph, who offers her the house for a hefty price of 500 gold coins. Alenwen is overjoyed by this unexpected opportunity to live near Skaldiv and eagerly accepts the offer.

Alenwen makes her way to Erebor, where she longs for dance and song. Among the dwarves, she is even allowed to perform, which makes her incredibly happy. Meanwhile, Skaldiv flees the region, inadvertently losing her beloved dog Erwin in the process. The loss breaks her heart, and she suspects that her loyal companion may not have survived.

Alenwen encounters her mother, Farondis, who admonishes her not to constantly annoy others and to finally grow up. This prompts Alenwen to reflect on her actions. When she returns to her new home, she learns about Skaldiv’s sad search for Erwin, who has gone missing.

Compassionate and determined to use all her abilities, Alenwen promises to help Skaldiv in the search for Erwin. In this touching episode of the series, the importance of friendship and solidarity becomes evident as Alenwen does everything in her power to support Skaldiv in her difficult hour and find her beloved dog.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server

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