„Shut up, move out, chop chop!“

– Skaldiv

“What nonsense! Have you been drinking varnish or something?”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Skaldiv


Honestly, I’m not really into all the fuss, fanfare, or hullabaloo disrupting my quiet life as a beekeeper.

Chatter, clamor, and whining wear me out, and it’d be best if everyone who doesn’t have anything truly useful to say just kept their traps shut. Dealing with Blütenzauber and her associated perpetual madness is even more tedious. She’s not just completely nuts but has taken some inexplicable fancy to me…

I was once told that, due to my Beorning heritage, I “supposedly always want to protect everything.” At first, I loudly proclaimed “No and no!” but upon further reflection… I do kind of like looking out for others. No need for anyone to know, heh heh…

“Sitting by the campfire with Erwin and fishing. There’s nothing better!”

Biography Skaldiv

A fictional biography of the character Skaldiv

Skaldiv Grimbeornsdottir, a Beorning woman, daughter of Vemara and Grimbeorn.

Raised under the consistent guidance of her mother, particularly, and in the protection of the wonderful Honey Hollow, Skaldiv was able to develop all the strengths of her people in her personality. Justice, courage, serenity, reclusiveness, and love for nature are the most prominent characteristics.

With great dedication, she takes care of her bee colonies, producing the finest honey and baking equally fine honey cakes according to the traditional recipe of the Beornings. Fishing and fieldwork are other favorite pastimes. A woman of action, of getting things done, and not too many words.

After wild teenage years marked by adventure and survival in the wilderness, she traveled the world to sell her honey, discover new flowers and blossoms, and provide something special for her bees. Finally, in the Shire, after some initial difficulties due to rather skeptical residents of the region, she became downright at home and was able to dispel all prejudices with her wonderful honey creations and cakes. Diligence, cooking and baking skills, down-to-earthiness, and constant respectful friendliness were the key to gaining a good reputation among the Hobbits. That this should have succeeded is obvious.

A own burrow in the Southfarthing, which she shares with her dog Erwin and some bee colonies, as well as her editorial work at the “Shire Messenger” and a fine, solid circle of friends are the results of her adaptability and her always helpful and actually relaxed character. Behind a somewhat oversized facade and a very large mouth is thus a reliable and peace-loving friend of the Hobbits.

A certain passion for word creations, be it in song lyrics or in her articles in the Shire Messenger, indicates that in the heart of the silent and always gloomy-looking Skaldiv there slumbers a passion for literature, poetry, and deep thoughts. Outwardly, however, she prefers to embody the cool grumbler who is interested in dwarven-rocky music and bloody battles with orcs.

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