„You will always be my little princess, Lenchen…“

– Thador , Actor

“Felegoth is quite lovely to look at… though the surrounding forest isn’t quite my cup of tea. You see, I actually hail from Lothlórien.”

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Thador

Mae govannen,

My role in the series is that of the wise, kind, and loving father of the main character, Alenwen.

Behind the scenes, I’m much livelier and – let’s say – goofier than in this particular role. But that’s how it is in the script, so I embody as best I can the somewhat awe-inspiring elven man who lives with his wife and child in Felegoth. On set, it was always fun, and I had to really hold back to fulfill all those clichés of the dignified forest elf.

Biography of Thador

A fictional biography of the character Thador

There isn’t much to tell about Thador. However, his origin from Lothlórien and his connection with Farondis are certain.

Thador significantly shapes the childhood of the young protagonist Lenchen by teaching her everything she needs to know about the nature and animals of their woodland realm. He is equally calm and hopeful regarding his daughter, much like Farondis. Both exude warmth and infinite patience and kindness in their dealings with their daughter.

Not much is known about his love for Farondis and their partnership, as Farondis does not make much fuss about herself and their life paths. Both possess a modesty that seems to stand in stark contrast to the conspicuous airs of their daughter…

Thador’s appearance as a menacing Nazgul in the dream of the “adult” Alenwen is one of the most impressive scenes, hopefully to be remembered. Similarly, his dance with her, for which the two practiced very long to convey as much emotion as possible in front of the camera.

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