“The role was a great challenge.
Playing the innocent beast demanded everything from me.”

– Sweti , actress

“The slaps were filmed without a body double. After each scene, we had red cheeks, goodness gracious!”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Sweti

“Hello everyone,

In the series ‘Alenwen,’ I portray the character ‘Sweti.’ I don’t have any lines since the story is narrated by a narrator, and we actors only had to provide the visuals. It was all the more challenging to embody the complex transformation from a sweet young girl to… well… a promiscuous serpent.

Despite the truly touching and ultimately malicious story between Storkoll and me, we had a lot of fun during filming and had to repeat many scenes hundreds of times due to fits of laughter that didn’t quite fit into the scenes. It was pure enjoyment, and we are truly proud of the result.”

Seen in Season 1 – Episode 11 (Storkoll)

Biography of Sweti – Storkoll´s wife

A fictional biography of the character Sweti

“Sweti is a young woman who lives in an exceedingly romantic relationship with the equally young Storkoll in the Bree-land. What begins as a touching love story rapidly takes emotional turns and plunges deep into the abyss of this narrative. Hopefully, the viewer will be carried along and thrust into the abyss of this emotional rollercoaster. While tears of sentimentality may initially trickle, they quickly turn very bitter, and the icy chill of tragedy is likely to leave no one untouched.

How an carefree love turns into a nightmare, Sweti was able to show and portray from beginning to end. And, with all due respect, she did so magnificently. Who is ultimately responsible for the shattered relationship remains open… only Storkoll’s path is further followed. The path of the demon.”

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