„Have you repaired the roof already?“

– Flöckchen, deer

A Look Behind the Scenes of Flöckchen

Hello dear fans,

I’m Flöckchen, a young deer from the forests around Felegoth. In the Alenwen series, I play myself, a young deer from the forests around Felegoth. My main task is to look as cute as possible and follow my rescuer around. But I actually do that outside of filming as well. So, technically, I don’t have anything special to do in my role as an actor. Except for one time, when I got to “speak” a whole sentence. You can see the quote above. Everyone was either drunk or high during that scene, I’m not sure anymore, and then Mr. Joseph suddenly heard me speak in his drunken state. Those were very funny filming days, and everyone made fun of my voice. But I didn’t mind, I just laughed along professionally, as one should. I also have a very dramatic scene in one episode, where I had to lie still and squeak. That was quite challenging for me, but it was a great shoot!

Biography Flöckchen

A fictional biography of the character Flöckchen

Flöckchen, a snow-white albino deer bull from the northern Mirkwood, was rejected by his mother as a fawn for reasons. There was no place in the herd for such a brightly colored and nearly blind animal. What may seem to the sympathetic viewer as “cruelty of nature” is of course only for the protection of the herd, and when wild animals consider the survival chances of their young to be low, they quickly give up on them.

Now Flöckchen had the great fortune to meet Alenwen, whose compassion and love for all living beings is almost boundless. She took the calf in, nursed and cared for it, and the two became similar inseparable companions like Skaldiv and her Erwin.

With his visual impairment and glittering exterior, Flöckchen would have had no real chance in the wild, so he follows Alenwen around day in and day out. Even though Skaldiv jokes about the “Glitter Clown,” she secretly gives him at least as many apples and carrots as she gives Erwin sausages. In summary, Flöckchen is the ideal companion for Alenwen, both visually and in terms of intellectual level… harmless, lovable, pleasant to look at, and not too clever.

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