Durin’s Fist of Justice

„Getting a horde of young beards in line is no piece of“

– Lord Kriso Stormshield, leader of the Fists

“Form up! Anyone who steps out of line has to drink a barrel of milk beer!”

A Look Behind the Scenes of Durin’s Fist


I am Kriso Stormshield, Lord of the Dwarf Clan “Durin’s Fist of the Righteous”. For many, many years – we are soon celebrating our seventeenth anniversary – I have stood before my band of brave dwarves and guided the destiny of this sturdy community.

Participating in the filming at our magnificent Erebor was a great pleasure for us. Admittedly, the wailing of the chirping elf had made us discuss a bit longer beforehand whether we really wanted to endure that. But – despite all reservations – the powerful voice of the lady surprised us, and our joint music-making briefly bathed Erebor in a special glow. My band can be relied upon, and when I look at and listen to the result, we can be satisfied with it. The subsequent feast wasn’t bad either, I can tell you that!

Seen in Season 1 – Episode 3 (Erebor)

Biography Durin’s Fist of Justice

A fictional biography of the Dwarf kinship

Durin’s Fist of the Righteous ((THE Dwarf Kinship of the first hour in LOTRO on the Belegaer server)) is known to anyone who enjoys music and celebrations. With thundering drums and dwarven discipline, the “Fists,” as everyone calls them, are present at many festivals and concert events.

The Sunday march of the Fists to the Mayor’s office in Bree, which takes place mostly on Sundays, is likely to have been encountered by anyone who spends time in Bree. When the dwarves march in formation dressed in clan attire and make their hearty jokes, it attracts the attention of all passersby, and the impressive sight is not easily forgotten.

As a close-knit community, the Fists are up for any fun when there’s nothing to fight. At many social occasions, the dwarves are always warmly welcomed guests who, contrary to expectations, know how to behave exquisitely. Prince Kriso leads his regiment exemplary. With a mix of discipline, wisdom, humor, and a heart of gold, the Prince is the ideal leader of this group, and many a “Youngbeard” has been trained to become a stalwart Fist Dwarf over the years. As imposing as a march of Durin’s Fists may look, someone in the company is guaranteed to be laughing, and it’s contagious.

“Do you need help or want to party properly…Ask the Fists!” (Quote from Skaldiv)

The collaboration in the joint episode was pure pleasure and turned the filming into an extremely fun evening. Many thanks to Prince Kriso and his troop for the many years of friendship and for this very special and long-lasting kinship, which is a great asset to Belegaer and all of Middle-earth.

And for anyone who now feels addressed to become a Fist of Durin, feel free to contact the Prince personally. Young beards for cleaning the kinship house are always sought after and gladly welcomed into the community!

The members in the series

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