Season 2-Episode 2-Honey Pot


In this heartwarming episode of “Alenwen,” we are taken back to the childhood of Skaldiv and Alenwen. The episode begins with young Skaldiv happily playing in the garden. Her mother, Vemara, calls her in for dinner, and Skaldiv, a bit stubborn, eventually heeds her call and enters the house. There, mother and daughter discuss the day’s events, especially the food.

Skaldiv, full of pride for her heroic deed, insists on having more honey cake for dessert, believing she saved the day from enemies. However, Vemara, her mother, insists that she must first finish the main course. Skaldiv, still filled with excitement and chatter, is eventually sent to bed without getting her dessert. Her mother takes the opportunity to tell her a spooky bedtime story.

At first, Skaldiv listens eagerly, but she soon interrupts Vemara and opts out of the rest of the story. This reaction surprises and amuses her mother, who chuckles at Skaldiv’s whims. This discipline from her mother reminds us of how important education and rules are for the development of young children.

Meanwhile, we switch to Alenwen, who is also enjoying her childhood. She sits in the garden, listening to the gentle sounds of the surrounding wildlife. Her animals are her loyal companions, offering her company and comfort. The peace and quiet of nature serve as a place of inner reflection and peace for Alenwen.

At some point, Mama Farondis calls for Alenwen, and with a special whistle, the obedient daughter immediately obeys. On her way through the picturesque Elven city, Alenwen is repeatedly stopped by fascinating things, be it a street musician playing enchanting melodies with her flute or a majestic waterfall that leaves her in awe. Despite these distractions, she eventually reaches dinner, where Mama Farondis is already waiting for her.

Alenwen and Farondis also discuss their day’s experiences and share loving moments. It becomes clear how close the mother-daughter relationship is. As the evening progresses and Alenwen begins to tire, Farondis tells her daughter a special story about a honey pot.

This story is about a lonely bee who is initially estranged from the world but eventually finds friends and no longer feels lonely. Farondis’s stories are not only entertaining but also educational. They impart important life lessons and values to Alenwen.

In her dreams, Alenwen immerses herself in the world of the honey pot, while Skaldiv is influenced by the spooky story. Finally, the episode ends, and we have gained a precious insight into the childhood experiences, dreams, and parenting methods of our two main characters. It serves as a reminder of how our childhood experiences shape who we are today and how parents play an important role in preparing us for our life journey.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the Belegaer Rp german server

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