Original Trailer 1 – Alenwen Season 2


Originally conceived as a preview for the second season of “Alenwen,” this excerpt was intended to provide insight into the upcoming continuation of the story.

In this trailer, we learn that Alenwen has booked a journey with Joseph, and she can’t wait to tell Skaldiv about her travel plans. When she informs Skaldiv, her initial reaction is skeptical and reserved. Skaldiv shows little enthusiasm for the idea, but eventually, she gets caught up in Alenwen’s excitement and agrees to come along.

The anticipation for the journey is high, but as is often the case in the lives of Alenwen and Skaldiv, not everything goes according to plan. An unexpected obstacle awaits them…

In this story trailer:
Starlight Travels – just the name leaves room for speculation. Doesn’t it sound more like a poetic night of stargazing than a journey? The associations that the name evokes are diverse: from romantic nights under the starry sky to adventurous expeditions into uncharted territory. But can we truly trust the allure of a name?

Starlight Travels promises a journey into the unknown, into a world full of adventure and discovery. However, as with any decision in life, caution is necessary. A critical look at the promises and details is essential to ensure that you book a trip that meets your expectations. Adventures can be wonderful, but they should also be well-planned and thought out.

This is a fan movie.
The scenes shown are from the game:

The Lord of the Rings Online on the server: Belegaer Rp German

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