Current updates on Episode 3 of Season 2 of Alenwen.

Update on Episode 3 of Season 2 of Alenwen: Coming soon!

Dear Alenwen and Skaldiv fans,

We hope you’ve all had a fantastic time and are ready for an update on Episode 3 of Season 2! We wanted to personally inform you that we’ve taken a short break to ensure that the upcoming episodes are as great as you deserve.

During this break, we’ve used the time to create a brand-new website where you can find all the latest news, background information, and exclusive content about Alenwen and all the characters. Feel free to check it out!

We’ve been hard at work developing new ideas and planning the next steps for the series. Taking a break was important for us to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible entertainment.

Your patience means a lot to us, and we promise that it will be worth the wait to see what comes next. So stay tuned! We’ll soon be back to filming and providing you with more updates.

Best regards,


Darkbats Christian

Christian Uebersohn is an accomplished artist who has been enriching the world of music with his cinematic compositions since 2016. Simultaneously, he contributes to the electronic music scene and has released some impressive works under the name "Darkbats - Schlammschlacht." As the producer of the "Alenwen" series by Darkbats, he demonstrates his versatile talent.

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